This source code is a native app for Android or iOS that help you build your own catalog of recipes for apps on smartphones and tablets or desktops/laptops.

The data is managed at website-based Back end which is coded in PHP script.

We are available if you want to customize this source code to meet your specific need.

We have included a unique calculator for changing the quantity of ingredients easily.

electronic formula administration framework for overseeing and institutionalizing content, which incorporates supplement esteem computation, creation, change, and printing of formulas and menus, formula costing and resizing, and others. It enables countless to get to at the same time.




Programmed formula costing in view of fundamental normal fixing evaluating

Concentrated framework administration for better control of operations and institutionalization

Worldwide administration of formulas with cutting edge sharing by gatherings, nations, or ranges

Institutionalized formulas for quality consistency

Nourishment generation administration for anticipating and arranging

Guaranteed nature of culinary instruction for superlative staff preparing

Expanded incomes and consumer loyalty through steady quality

Supplement points of interest, GDA and allergens content data readily available

Decreased nourishment costs including time and work costs

Rearrange culinary specialists’ assignments with portable information access from anyplace (office, home, showcase, kitchen, and so forth.)

Go along to nourishment laws with arrangement and announcement streamlined creation and administration

Print an assortment of nitty-gritty names for statement, nourishment, and different purposes